Jesus Poem

Tamas Panitz

I like people places and things, courtesy towels,
elephant ear, or some such group of emotion
for which please, Randy is my work name
then pause, half-turn, pause, repeat:
thus I had to beat down the leaves
so my sheep could get through.
Next thing you know its rows and rows
of what turned out to be turnips
stereotypical wings and everything
white tiaras, mango lassi,
between the green-beans and the cup of ruptured
blue light I finished in a hat.
Such information is of intrinsic value. Then,
wearing all white, crossing the Paths of the righteous
their socks, yarn, constipation: alright, it’s tomorrow.

Tamas Panitz is the author of several poetry books, most recently Wild Lies (New Books: 2023), Vesuvio with Joel Newberger and Losarc Raal (New Books: 2023); and The Country Passing By (Model City 2022). Other books include Conversazione, interviews with Peter Lamborn Wilson (Autonomedia: 2022), and The Selected Poems of Charles Tomás; trans. w/Carlos Lara (Schism: 2022).  He is also the author of a pornographic novella, Mercury in Lemonade (New Smut Series: 2023). His paintings and stray poems can be found on instagram, @tamaspanitz.