TR Brady

Night Piece

carrion • doubling • the man in the Rite-Aid wearing your face • and your gone hat •
pitching inland • I saw a coyote walking a paved path • and not diverting • at summer’s
near dusk • this one, then that one • all shapes line up to lose their color

were I to point to it • my double nature would • take up alignment with • deception,
(seizing) • pathetic fallacies • the meteorite damages • means to an – • and I can’t grasp •
the robot delivering food in the snow • becomes unable • for traction • and must
be helped along • up the hill

Prometheus in motion • or else • flicker here, book not bird • otherworld into my papercut •
the mining architect • the line inching each turn • his tub of clay • coming into view •
and his tools • I wait on my beard to come in • to have some use

rain glare • dive in • I have (a notion) • outside of the second
hand store for outdoorsmen • halo puddle • diminishing • I conjure
your reflection • to worry at • phenomena • what have you
returned to • winter losing its progress little by • big flat cloud

broken code • your underbelly • mixed with • whatever you were
wearing • on the shore • I tugged the line • to an empty net • lit
litany • Mississippi inlet • I could name nothing • small sky • through
the trees • smaller sky • wind and wind • I’m fluent in • no needs
kept • sweeping out

TR Brady is a poet and fiber artist from Arkansas. TR received their MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop. Their work has appeared in Tin House, Bennington Review, Black Warrior Review, New England Review, The Arkansas International, and elsewhere. TR is the co-founder/co-editor of Afternoon Visitor and lives in Moscow, Idaho.