Jon Leon

Friday Night at Mickey's

I don’t know what I was thinking. I was parked somewhere in the San Rafael Hills. The
place was deserted. I got out of my Datsun and slammed the door. Through the window,
I noticed a soft pack on the floorboard. I picked it up. I pressed the pack to the bridge of
my finger with a swish of my wrist and put one in my mouth. I lighted the cigarette with
a beige Bic lighter. I put the lighter back in my pocket exhaling through my nose and
mouth as I looked into the starless sky. I felt something like a spark shoot up my spine
and saw a bright light getting brighter. My body lit up from within. I sat down on the
hood of my car, Budd Hopkins’ 'Intruders' sticking out of my jeans. The year was 2010. I
was trying to find the cliff where we lost the edge. Seven years later, looking off the

Jon Leon is the author of the books Nathalie (If a Leaf Falls, 2020), Sheets of Mist (Karma, 2015), The Arrivistes (Dostoyevsky Wannabe, 2015), Beverly Hills Hotel and Bungalows (Agioteurs, 2012), The Malady of the Century (Futurepoem, 2012), Elizabeth Zoë Lindsay Drink Fanta (Content, 2011), The Hot Tub (Mal-O-Mar, 2009), and Hit Wave (Kitchen Press, 2008).