Sonnet #11

If there’s some saner life ahead, please let it
happen & happen soon. The moon is a lonely
popsicle, the river its runaway kid... No,
the river is a long slender finger I cannot hold.
It goes past me. In this story you’re central to.
In which none shall grieve unless I weep so.
One sane thing you can start by doing is a splash
or 2 of tomato juice in the beer can. What is
actually insane is you thinking I have any idea
at all what I’ve been talking about. For a moment
we were touched, now we’d love to show you
the door. Which is such a kind & gentle way
of saying go fuck yourself. My hand in the
hand of the hand now slamming it shut.

Jamie Thomson is a poet from Northampton, MA. He currently lives in Chicago, IL. A chapbook of his poems, Possibilityism, is available from Factory Hollow Press.