Gabriel Kruis

Come What May

Quiet—perfectly carnal—  (With a capital Q

Works for Nothing               (I.e. in perversion

As the Rest,                          (Your breath

Or stutter,

Assumes the role of Plot. Which is to say,

At Root, there’s no Plain language.

But if,                                         (As Bei Dao writes,

A song’s a mirror that knows the body by heart

The grass is no less than the sound it makes in soil


A harbor in the doppler or apse

                    In the cicadas’ flickering



That honey locus. The very garner

                    Of the grain.

Gabriel Kruis is the author of Acid Virga (Archway Editions, 2020), a co-founder or Wendy's Subway and, along with Martha Tuttle, is an editor of Return to the Field (Wendy's Subway, 2021). He received an MFA from Hunter College and was a fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center in Provincetown 2018-19.