Aditi Machado

from “now,”

THE RED ROAD heads into a red mountain

you listen to its snow melt at the horizon

red asphalt picks up the pink of olden reeds

you listen to dried-up pipelines

red dust stepping up to audition

in full-screen mode, the snow-tipped yarrow

censors your aesthetic, you cathect

a windmill in dry superabundance

cozying up to the cactus syndicate

you audit sonic fashions

you & your echinopsis bloom sillily

at this kinked-up altar of vocables

in this way lacerated

in this way salvific

the sounds of the desert tether you

to rusty pipelines shot thru

w/ hazard, heckling your sad little

human performance


A RELATION DEVELOPS between the wind &

you that’s lichenous, you who art green

to love, abstruse movements

brushing your burrs & birds, sine

qua non

sometimes it is a burden

to be so regardful, so cultishly

advertent of kingdoms that prosper

while you, o specious you, you putter

in your vehicular language

you suppress your vatic impulse

namely, you stand with your legs apart

namely, the small tongue gets angry

namely, you odden into being

& an ill wind grates on

your chinny chin chin

Aditi Machado is the author of two books of poetry from Nightboat, Emporium (2020) and Some Beheadings (2017), and seven chapbooks, most recently now (Sputnik & Fizzle, 2022) and The End (Ugly Duckling Presse, 2020).